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Abortion Alternatives

Foreign Baby AdoptionHaving an unwanted pregnancy, no matter the cause, changes your life forever. Many women find themselves making decisions that will not only alter their future, but the future of their baby.

Pregnant women have choices that ultimately include adoption, abortion, or raising the child as their own. It is normal to jump from one decision to another and to be confused by the opinions of friends and family.

Only you know what the right choice is for you. It is important to not let anyone pressure you or force you into a decision that does not feel right for you. This is a major decision that will shape your future.

Seek Professional Advices

Although abortions are legal and usually performed safely by highly trained medical doctors there are very high risks including health complications, emotional trauma, and moral implications. The choice to abort is one that should be discussed with a doctor and mental health professional to reduce the great impact this would have on you now and in the future.

Alternatively, the decision to place your child up for adoption is equally as difficult. You have to ask yourself some questions.

  • Can I give this child a healthy home where all its physical and emotional needs will be taken care of?
  • Am I stable enough financially, emotionally, and relationally to be the best parent for this child?
  • If I keep this child, is it out of guilt, a need to be loved, or an attempt to keep the father?
  • Will this child be better off with a family that is ready and willing to have a baby today?

Adoption is the Best Alternative

One of the best alternatives for someone who has an unplanned pregnancy is to give the most cherished gift to an adoptive family that desperately wants a baby. It is the most unselfish thing you can do. You may be giving your child opportunities that you would otherwise not be able to provide.

Adoptive parents often wait years to find a baby to adopt. These are years they have used to plan for their future child to go to the best schools, have a stable home, have awesome experiences, and be as deeply loved as a child can be.

These days adoptions can be whatever you make of it. You can have an open adoption where you choose the family, stay in contact, and can even have visitation agreements. Open adoptions are common and allow you to custom fit the experience you are most comfortable with. Some feel more comfortable with closed adoptions and this is certainly an option.

Just remember this is your decision and the decision for adoption is one that can make the best of a difficult and frightening situation. You are not alone! There are people who have gone through this as birth parent and adoptive parent who are willing to help you understand what adoption is and how it can be the right choice for you.



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