Adopting a Baby
Baby is a bundle of joy Every child deserves a family Baby is a miracle of life

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Adopt a local baby

Local Baby AdoptionBuilding a family through adoption

Adoption is one of the family building institution that has created many happy families around the world.

In Singapore, every year, there are about 400 cases of adoptions. Almost half (about 45%) of the adopted children are locally born.

Motivation to adopt a local baby

A child adoption is a life-time commitment by you to the child and is forever!.

For reasons that you want to adopt a child because you cannot have a biological child, want a
child of another gender, want a sibling for another child, or "feel called" to help a child, you must most importantly be prepared and be motivated to love the child and wants to provide a good family for that child.

How to adopt a local baby?

Singapore has no orphanages. To adopt a child, you could do it on your own through relatives and friends or you could visit a local adoption agency.

At Lovely Baby and Child Adoption Services, we could help you find a suitable child for adoption. Our child range from infant to teen who birth parents do not have the financial means to support the child, single women or teenagers. To be eligible to adopt a child, you need to be at least 25 years old and at least 21 years older than the child. You must reside in Singapore and is a Singapore Citizen, a Singapore Permanent Resident, an Employment Pass holder or a Dependent Pass holder.

For foreigner, a letter from your Embassy indicating that it will approve your adopted child citizenship is required when the adoption process is completed.

Once you have identified a child for adoption, we will apply to the Family Court and will help you on your way to adopt the child through the adoption process.



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