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Foreign Baby AdoptionYou have come to a crossroads and you're trying to make a decision. It takes a lot of courage to realize that your life cannot include a baby at this time.

Unplanned pregnancies happen. They can't be undone, but now you can make an informed decision about the future of you and your unborn baby.

Now that you have decided not to keep your baby there is another important step. You must now choose to have an abortion or gift your child to a loving family. Let's take a look at both choices.

Only you know what the right choice is for you. It is important to not let anyone pressure you or force you into a decision that does not feel right for you. This is a major decision that will shape your future.


Pros - Having an abortion is immediate. You can choose from the available procedures, come in for the procedure and leave the office no longer pregnant. The office will usually provide you with counseling or at least refer you for counseling services.

Cons - Having an abortion can have major health consequences. In some cases you may be left infertile. Friends and family may make judgments against you based on moral and religious beliefs. There is a lot of pain after the abortion and you will have some down time for recovery.

You need to research abortion to see which ones are available for you based on how far along you are in your pregnancy. You will need to bring someone with you for the procedure to drive you home and take care of you while you recover.


Pros - There are a lot of options to choose from, services available, and community resources to help you. When you choose an adoption agency they will help you find resources to help in the process. Often when you choose adoption you can get funding to pay for your prenatal care, hospital bills, and housing. You are able to choose a family that will be the best match for how you want your child raised and have the ability to build a relationship with them.

Cons - You will have to take care of yourself and watch what you eat and drink closely during the pregnancy. You will be obviously pregnant and you will be asked about what happened to your baby. You must be prepared to discuss this with people or find a way to divert questions. There are medical risks involved with giving birth as well as some physical changes that will occur.

Remember, this is your decision. Asking and communicating with the people in your life is a good start but don't allow anyone to push you towards one choice or another. Before you go forward with your decision, imagine a family who cannot have a child. They wait for years for someone to choose them as a family. Choosing to adopt out your baby is the most courageous and selfless act a woman can do. You create a miracle for a family and choose an awesome and stable future for your child.



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