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Home Study Report (HSR)

Foreign Baby AdoptionBefore you make any adoption, you should complete the Home Study Report mandated by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF).

The Home Study Report is conducted through:

  • filling in the forms
  • interviews
  • home visit.

The report outlines the background of the adoptive parents, summarizes your suitability and preparedness to be an adoptive parents and contains recommendation from a social worker. The Home Study Report is compulsory on all cases of foreign baby adoption.

Singapore Family Court

The Singapore Family Court requires you to submit the Home Study
Report for Petition for Adoption by a lawyer. Like many other countries, Singapore requires the HSR to be submited before granting a residency visa or citizenship.

The Singapore Family Court will assess you, based on this report, on your ability to provide a safe and stable family life, the financial mean to provide a nurturing environment for the child and your capacity to love the adopted child.



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