Adopting a Baby
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Our Adoption Services

Child AdoptionAt Lovely Baby and Child Adoption Services, we provide all assistance in legal and social services to prospective birth mother and adoptive families in every step of their adoption process.

For prospective birth mother, we can provide you with adoption counseling, inform you of your rights and responsibilities, and help you cope with your unplanned pregnancy or untimely birth.

For the adoptive families, our skilled and dedicated staff could
guide you through each part of your adoptive plan with our specialized knowledge and years of experience in both domestic and international adoptions.

Adoption services we provide include:

  • Assistance in the application of the Home Study Report (HSR)
  • Health examination for the baby in Singapore or Overseas
  • Processing of all legal documentations
  • Follow up and errands till the issuance of the adopted baby's new Singapore Birth Certificate or Singapore Citizenship


Contact us now for a free informational meeting to know how we could help you with your adoption plan.