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Foreign Baby AdoptionThese days the media talks at least weekly about teen pregnancy, which for some is a deterrent and others is a ticket to getting attention. Once the pregnancy is verified, it no longer seems to matter why the pregnancy happened. What matters now is making the big decisions about what to do.

Being a teen means that you will be under much more pressure than others. People will tell you that teen relationships rarely last especially when there is a baby involved.

Honestly, this is true. It is also true that your chance of being involved in abuse in your relationship is also higher. More often than not, the father of the child decides to move on and date other people, go to college, or simply refuse responsibility. You have to realize that they also have lots of pressure on them from family and friends to make decisions that may not be in line with your own.

The drama associated with being a teen mother begins to affect your baby at the time of conception. The stress you are under can change the development of your baby. Stress releases specific chemicals that weaken your body and make you more likely to get sick; these illnesses can harm your baby if severe enough. This is why it is extremely important to block out the pressure you are getting from everyone and seek professional help to deal with the emotional roller coaster you are on.

Making a decision about whether or not you will abort, keep, or give your baby up for adoption is one that will change your life. No matter the decision, it has to be yours. If your parents tell you that because you are a teen, they can make the decision for you, this is not always true. A family counselor can help you discuss all the options and which one is best for you and your circumstances.

Choosing adoption is usually a choice that everyone can agree is a good decision. Due to your religious or moral views, abortion may be simply wrong or not an option. Having the child is also difficult. It takes tens of thousands of dollars to raise a child in just the first couple of years. By choosing adoption you know that your child's needs will be take care of; medical bills, education, clothes, food, toys, and love. The family that you choose to adopt your baby have been checked and rechecked to be fit and stable parents. It is nearly impossible for a teen to do this on his or her own.

Give yourself the chance to succeed and give your baby the chance to have a 2-parent stable home. You cannot now see the consequences of your decision on the future. You may be positive that it will all work out but things come up that can create bad situations. Consider adoption and know that someone who truly wants a baby now will love your baby as their own.



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